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Notice No. Date of Issue Subject Download
5/2014-CX 28/05/2014 Change of Address. No.5/2014CX
4/2014-CX 25/05/2014 Empanelment of Cost Accountant for conducting of special audit U/s 14 A & 14 AA. No.4/2014CX
3/2014-CX 27/03/2014 Divergent Practices of assessment with respect to compunded levy scheme applicable for smokeless tobacco products. No.3/2014CX
2/2014-CX 25/03/2014 Opening of offices during the last week of the March, 2014. No.2/2014CX
1/2014-CX 05/03/2014 Submission of documents with the remission application in respect of duty on goods lost or destroyed by natural causes or by unavoidable circumstances. No.1/2014CX
3/2013-CX 21/03/2013 Opening of offices during the last week of the March, 2013. No.3/2013CX
2/2013-CX 09/10/2013 Budget 2013. No.2/2013CX
1/2013-CX 20/02/2013 Introduction of facility of payment of rebat/refund claims amount directly to Assessee/Exporters Bank Account. No.1/2013CX
11/2012-CX 13/09/2012 Launching of e-helpline for Trade & Industry in Bhopal Indore Central Excise Zone comprising of the Commissionerate of Bhopal, Raipur and Indore. No.11/2012CX
10/2012-CX (Corr.) 09/10/2012 Implementation of Service Delivery Excellence Model called SEVOTTAM in the Central Excise Commissionerate, Indore. No.10/2012CX (Corr.)
10/2012-CX 13/09/2012 Implementation of Service Delivery Excellence Model called SEVOTTAM in the Central Excise Commissionerate, Indore. No.10/2012CX
09/2012-CX 05/07/2012 Empanelment of Cost Accountant for conducting special audit U/s 14A & 14AA. No.09/2012CX
08/2012-CX 20/06/2012 The provisions of Finance Bill, 2012 have come into effect from 28th May 2012. No.08/2012CX
07/2012-CX 15/06/2012 Clearification regarding classification of Structural Components of Boiler and Admissibility of CENVAT Credit on these Structural Components. No.07/2012CX
03/2012-RTIA 13/07/2012 CPIO under RTI Act Public Notice No.03/2012-RTIA
06/2012-CX 15/05/2012 EASIEST - Non-uploading of Challan Data into NSDL Website after receipt of EASIEST Payments by 59 Unauthorized brances of SBI No.06/2012CX
05/2012-CX 10/05/2012 Payment of arrears from Cenvat Credit earned at a later date No.05/2012CX
04/2012-CX 19/04/2012 Authorisation of ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank for collection of Central Excise duty & Service Tax through "E-mode" No.04/2012CX
03/2012-CX 16/03/2012 Budget 2012 No.03/2012CX
02/2012-CX 07/02/2012 Accounting of collection of "Clean Energy Cess" No.02/2012CX
01/2012-CX 25/01/2012 Mandatory e-filing of Central Excise Returns in ACES No.01/2012CX
11/2011-CX 26/09/2011 No.11/2011CX
10/2011-CX 26/09/2011 No.10/2011CX
09/2011-CX 29/08/2011 No.09/2011CX
06/2011CX Corr. 18/07/2011 Corrigendum to Trade Notice No. 06/2011-CX dated 28.04.2011 No.06/2011CX Corr.
08/2011-CX 15/06/2011 Clearification on issues relating to CENVAT Credit Rules 2004. No.08/2011CX
07/2011-CX 01/06/2011 Finance Bill, 2011 in Lok Sabha on 22nd March, 2011. No.07/2011CX
06/2011-CX 28/04/2011 Accounting of collection of "Clean Energy Cess". No.06/2011CX
05/2011-CX 18/04/2011 Liability of interest where CENVAT credit was wrongly taken but reversed by assessee before utilization. No.05/2011CX
04/2011-CX 01/04/2011 Clarification regarding excisability of Bagasse prior to the budget of 2008. No.04/2011CX
03/2011-CX 18/03/2011 Exemption from filling of ER-4, ER-5 & ER-6 returns. No.03/2011CX
02/2011-CX 11/03/2011 Application of provisions of Section 5A(1A) of the Central Excise Act, 1944. No.02/2011CX
01/2011-CX 28/02/2011 Budget 2011. No.01/2011CX
24/2010-CX 20/12/2010 Application of provisions of section 5A (1A) of the Central Excise Act. No.24/2010CX
23/2010-CX 21/10/2010 Data quality in Electronic Accounting System in Central Excise and Service Tax (Easiest) - Assessee Code  mandatory for Excise and Service Tax payment. No.23/2010CX
22/2010-CX 19/10/2010 Valuation of goods cleared in DTA by Eou's. No.22/2010CX
21/2010-CX 27/09/2010 Regional Advisory Committee for Organized Sector /Small Scale Sector /Service Tax Sector - Constitution of the Committee for the block year - 2010 - 2011 No.21/2010CX
20/2010-CX 18/08/2010 Tolerance of breakage of bottles due to handling  during storage and clearance. No.20/2010CX
19/2010-CX 12&13/08/2010 Classification of TEA fortified with Vitamins - reg. No.19/2010CX
18/2010-CX 30/07/2010 Clarification regarding inclusion of cost of return fare of Vehicles in assessable value. No.18/2010CX
17/2010-CX 30/07/2010 Leviability of Education Cess and Higher Education Cess on the Stainless Steel Patta Patti or Aluminium Cirecles Units workijng under Compound Levy Scheme. No.17/2010CX
16/2010-CX 25/06/2010 Classification of Rice Proboiling Machinery - reg. No.16/2010CX
15/2010-CX 09/06/2010 Power of Adjudication of  Central Excise Officers - instructions. No.15/2010CX
14/2010-CX 19/05/2010 Sealing of Packing Machines, manufacturing premises and storage premises of packing machines : Procedure. No.14/2010CX


Items used in Ceramic Tiles Industry whether capital goods or input.
Compounded levy scheme for chewing tobacco and branded unmanufactured tobacco under Section 3A of the Central Excise Act.
11/2010-CX 23/04/2010 Procedure for electronic filing of Central Excise and Service Tax returns and for electronic payment of excise duty and service tax No.11/2010-CX
10/2010-CX 16/04/2010 Leviability of Cess on tractors under Tractor Cess Rules, 1992 No.10/2010-CX
09/2010-CX 26/03/2010 Mandatory e-filing of returns and payment of Excise duty / service tax No.9/2010-CX
08/2010-CX 24/03/2010 Clarification regarding valuation of free samples of the products covered under MRP based assessment No.8/2010-CX
07/2010-CX 17/03/2010 Payment / Deposit of Central Excise Duty and Service Tax for the month of March, 2010 No.07/2010-CX
06/2010-CX 11/03/2010 Beedi cess payable under the provisions of Section 3 of Beedi Workmen Welfare Cess Act No.06/2010-CX
05/2010-CX 04/03/2010 Authorisation of one branch of State Bank of India for collection of Central Excise duties and Service Tax for Central Excise and Customs Commissionerate Indore No.05/2010-CX
04/2010-CX 03/03/2010 Automation of Central Excise and Service Tax (ACES) No.04/2010-CX
04/03/2010 Duties, functions and responsibilities of Range Officers and Sector Officers No.01/2010-CX
03/2010-CX 26/02/2010 Central Excise and Customs Budget 2010-11 No.03/2010-CX
02/2010-CX 26/02/2010 Budget 2010 No.02/2010-CX
01/2010-CX 26/02/2010 Changes proposed in Service Tax law and procedure in Union Budget 2010-11 No.01/2010-CX
No.2/2009 13/05/2009 Service Tax Return Preparer Scheme, 2009 02/2009
No.1/2009 13/05/2009 RTI Act - Details of CPIO and Appellate Authority Notice No.01/09
6/2008-CE 28/04/2008 Operationalization of Large Taxpayer at Mumbai Page 1
5/2008-CE 25/04/2008 Regional Advisory Committee for Organized Sector/Small Scale Sector/Service Tax Sector - constitution of the committee for the block year 2008-09 Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
3/2008-CE 05/02/2008 Amendments carried out in notification Nos. 49 & 50, both dated 10.06.2003 in respect of exemption to units located in Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh and amendment carried out in rule 12 of Central Excise Rules, 2002 so as to prescribe for a quarterly return for these units. Page 1
2/2008-CE 05/02/2008 Amendments to the Central Excise (Compounding of offences) Rules, 2005 Page 1
1/2008-CE 09.01.2008 Trade facilitation Page 1
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