Indore Airport is known as Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport (DABHA), has been notified by the Government of India vide Notification No. 61/94-Cus. (NT) dated 21.11.94 for the purposes of loading of export goods and unloading of imported goods. The Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise, Indore vide Notification No. 02/2004 dated 01.07.2004 notified the Customs Area of the operations of foreign going Aircrafts. Code No ININD04 has been allotted to this port.

The Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise, Indore vide Notification No. 03/2006 dated 06.12.2006 has appointed M/s GSEC Ltd, Ahmedabad, the Custodian of export and import goods, brought into the Air Cargo area of Indore Airport for Customs examination, clearances, export, warehousing, transshipment as the case may be.

M/s Indian Airlines & M/s Jet Airways have been permitted to ferry international cargo from Air Cargo Complex, Indore to Mumbai for transshipment. Most of the Cargo is being carried by M/s Indian Airlines. Daily lifting capacity is between 1.5 to 2 Tonnes of cargo.

The Air Cargo Complex offers to the importer all the advantages offered at Sahar Air Port Mumbai / IGI Airport Delhi. Moreover there is lot of time saving by Exports / Imports from this Cargo Complex.


For the trade-rich Central India comprising of Indore, Pithampur, Dewas, Mandideep, Bhopal, Nagda, Ghatabillod, Dhamnod, Sarangpur, Ratlam, Pilukhedi etc. DABHA is a popular port of call for Import and Export cargo by Air. This port can bring about a sea change in the region's international trade aspirations.

Sr. Name of Exporter Commodity
1 Tata International Ltd.,Dewas Leather
2 Ranbaxy Lab. Ltd., Dewas Medicines
3 Eicher Motors Ltd., Pithampur Motor Spares
4 Shakti Pumps Ltd., Pithampur Submersible Pumps
5 Plethico Pharma, Indore Medicines
Sr. Name of Exporter Commodity
1 Tata International Ltd., Dewas Leather
2 Scientific Mess Technique, Indore Spares
3 Jash Precision, Indore Spares & Accessories
4 S.T.C. of India Ltd., Ahemdabad Gold


ACC, DABH Airport has been linked as a satellite Air-cargo Complex to Sahar Airport, Mumbai and IGI Airport New Delhi in Custom bonded Closed Body Trucks (CBTs). The Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise, Indore vide letter F.No. I(Gen)19-19/2006/Cus/T/17768 dated 21.05.07 permitted M/s GSEC Ltd. and M/s Oscar Freight Pvt. Ltd. for Bonded Truck movement from Indore Air Cargo Complex to ACC, Delhi and Mumbai. Various airlines being used by customers at ACC, DABH, Airport Indore are as under:


Major Air Lines
Sr. Name of Airline Sr. Name of Airline
1 Air France 8 Korean Air
2 Air India 9 Lufthansa Cargo
3 Altalia Airways 10 Malaysian Airlines
4 British Airways 11 Singapore Airlines
5 Cathay Pacific 12 South African Airlines
6 Emirates Air 13 Swiss Air
7 KLM Cargo 14 Thai Airways


  • ACC, Indore occupies an area of 1097.42 sqmeters.
  • Modern all weather Warehouse of 1800 sq. feet floor area including ramp side area.
  • Bank counter facility available at the Airport.
  • STD/Fax/Photocopy facility available.
  • Availability of one fork-lift, eight hydraulic trolleys and adequate labour for handling, stuffing/destuffing of CBTs and AirCargo.
  • Excellent lighting arrangements to allow night working.
  • X-Ray screening facility available for screening of Air Cargo.
  • Strong room available for safety of valuable cargo like Gold.
  • Well-groomed security to ensure safety of consignments the area is protected by CISF security also.
  • Custom House Agents to help & expedite process.
  • IATA Shipping Agents available.
  • Air Cargo facility through Truck Bonding procedure. Goods are Custom cleared and sent to SAHAR AIRPORT / IGI AIRPORT, where under Customs supervision, they are loaded to the Aircraft as per the destination.
  • Importers can manifest imports directly to ACC, Indore for delivery at Indore. On arrival, the same are Customs cleared at Indore.
Name of the Customs House Agents Operting from this Port 
Sr. Name of CHA
1 Carry Fast Corporation, Indore
2 Mover Logistic Pvt.Ltd., Indore
3 Fairdeal International, Indore
4 Rishad Shipping Agencies,
5 Links Cargo Agency Pvt. Ltd.,
6 Excel India Pvt. Ltd.
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